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Family Disabled Trust

Family Disabled Trust

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About the Product

A Family Disabled Trust is a type of trust that is established outside of a will as part of lifetime planning. This trust is intended for the benefit of disabled beneficiaries and is often utilised for the more favourable tax status that such beneficiaries can be entitled to.

The Family Disabled Trust is designed to hold assets that will benefit the disabled beneficiary, while also ensuring that the assets are protected from divorce, creditor claims, and care fees. The trust can help ensure that the disabled beneficiary is taken care of for their lifetime, while also providing peace of mind to the settlor.

One of the primary benefits of a Family Disabled Trust is the favourable tax status that disabled beneficiaries can be entitled to. This includes exemption from inheritance tax (IHT) and capital gains tax (CGT). In addition, a disabled beneficiary may also be eligible for certain state benefits, which can be crucial to their ongoing care and support.

It's important to note that the Family Disabled Trust is not intended for use by just anyone. It is specifically designed for use by those who have a disabled beneficiary they wish to provide for.