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Will Clarity Statement

Will Clarity Statement

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About the Product

A Will Clarity Statement serves as a supplementary legal document accompanying a Will, offering explicit guidance to both beneficiaries and the designated executor. The primary objective is to minimise confusion, disagreements, and potential disputes that might surface following the testator's demise.

The purpose of the Will Clarity Statement is to ensure that the testator's wishes are accurately reflected in the Will and to provide additional explanations or instructions regarding specific clauses or provisions within the Will. It can also be used to clarify any ambiguous language or terms used in the Will, which could be misinterpreted by the beneficiaries or executor.

The Will Clarity Statement is typically written in plain and straightforward language to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation. It may cover a wide range of topics, such as the reasons behind the testator's decisions, the distribution of specific assets, or the appointment of guardians for minor children.

One of the advantages of a Will Clarity Statement is that it can be updated or modified without the need to alter the Will itself. This can be useful if the testator's circumstances or wishes change over time.