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Shareholders Trust

Shareholders Trust

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About the Product

A Shareholders Trust is a type of trust that is created for the benefit of shareholders in a company. It can be used as a tool in estate planning to ensure the smooth transition of ownership and management of a business upon the death of a shareholder.

A Shareholders Trust is typically established as an irrevocable trust that holds shares in a company on behalf of the shareholders. The trust is managed by trustees, who are responsible for ensuring that the trust is administered in accordance with the terms of the trust deed and the interests of the beneficiaries.

One of the key benefits of a Shareholders Trust is that it provides a mechanism for the transfer of shares in a company upon the death of a shareholder. The trust deed will typically specify how the shares are to be transferred, and may include provisions for the sale of the shares to the surviving shareholders, the company itself, or to a third party. This can help to ensure that the value of the shares is preserved, and that the business can continue to operate without interruption.

Another benefit of a Shareholders Trust is that it can be used to provide for the ongoing management of the business. The trustees can be given powers to appoint directors and to make decisions about the management of the company. This can help to ensure that the business continues to be run in the best interests of the shareholders and other beneficiaries.

A Shareholders Trust can also be used as a tool for tax planning. The transfer of shares into a trust can potentially reduce the value of an individual's estate for inheritance tax purposes. In addition, if the trust is structured correctly, it may be possible to pass on the shares to the beneficiaries without incurring capital gains tax.