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Mirror Wills

Mirror Wills

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About the Product

Mirror wills are separate legal documents created by couples that mirror each other's provisions. They are nearly identical in content, reflecting the shared intentions and objectives of the couple. Mirror wills allow each partner to establish an individual will while maintaining consistency in their estate plans.

One of the primary advantages of mirror wills is the ability to create a unified approach to estate planning. Couples can address their joint concerns, such as the distribution of assets, appointment of executors, and provisions for children or dependants. By creating mirror wills, couples can ensure that their assets and interests are protected in a coordinated manner.

Mirror wills are particularly useful when couples have similar wishes and beneficiaries. They can outline how their assets will be distributed upon the death of one or both partners. Typically, if one partner passes away, their assets will be transferred to the surviving partner. On the death of the second partner, the combined assets will be distributed according to the provisions specified in the mirror wills.

These wills also provide couples with the flexibility to include individual preferences within the overall framework of shared decisions. For instance, each partner can make specific bequests, name personal beneficiaries, or include provisions tailored to their unique circumstances. However, the overall structure and core provisions of the mirror wills remain aligned.

Creating mirror wills is an opportunity for couples to express their joint wishes, ensure their assets are distributed according to their intentions, and provide for their loved ones. It helps minimise potential disputes among family members, as the coordinated approach leaves less room for interpretation or disagreement.