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Family Trust

Family Trust

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About the Product

A Family Trust is a legal arrangement that allows you to hold assets, such as property, investments, or cash, on behalf of your family. The assets in the trust are managed by trustees, and the trust is structured in such a way that it provides benefits to your family members. 

This document is tailored to meet your specific needs. It will be mentioned in the Will but will not be fully populated until the death of the settlor. By placing the Family Trust outside of the Will, multiple Discretionary Trusts can be established through the Will, but at different times, to take advantage of the Rysaffe principle. The assets within a Family Trust are safeguarded from negative impacts such as beneficiary remarriage, divorce, creditor claims, means testing for disabled beneficiaries, care fees, and inheritance tax (IHT). Depending on the situation, multiple Family Trusts may be necessary for maximum tax efficiency, and each Trust should receive an amount less than the IHT Nil Rate Band.