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Family Protective Property Trust

Family Protective Property Trust

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About the Product

The Family Protective Property Trust (FPPT) is a pre-established Trust designed to be established outside of a Will. It is a comprehensive product that involves the transfer of part or all of a client's Principle Private Residence to the Trustees via Conveyance while the client is still alive. A crucial feature of the FPPT is that the Settlors of the Trust, along with others, are Potential Beneficiaries of the Trust(s), which means they can continue to benefit from it potentially. This means that the FPPT does not reduce the client's genuine Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability.

The FPPT is available for both single clients and couples, and it can significantly reduce the delays and costs associated with Probate, as well as delays and costs related to the Court of Protection. Furthermore, it has the potential to protect assets from various factors such as divorce, creditor claims, means testing for disabled beneficiaries, and care fees.