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Digital Estate Registration

Digital Estate Registration

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About the Product

Streamline the estate registration process with our digital solution. Our product enables seamless registration of an estate with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to acquire a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR), an essential requirement for reporting Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax liabilities related to the estate.

Our tool simplifies the mandatory estate registration for estates valued over £2.5 million or those with asset sales exceeding £500,000 in a single tax year. With our user-friendly platform, users can effortlessly set up an agent services account during the registration process.

Efficient data entry is facilitated as users provide estate, personal representative, deceased individual, and tax liability details. Our streamlined digital system ensures a smooth online registration process via the agent services account, meeting the 5th October deadline set by HMRC.

Once the estate is registered, our product facilitates the completion and submission of all required tax returns, ensuring timely and accurate payments. With our secure digital solution, maintaining meticulous records of the estate's income, gains, and expenses is made effortless, ensuring precise tax liability calculations.