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Deed of Removal of a Trustee

Deed of Removal of a Trustee

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About the Product

A Deed of Removal of a Trustee is a legal document that is used to remove a trustee from a trust. This document is usually necessary when a trustee resigns, dies, becomes unable to fulfil their duties or breaches the terms of the trust. Removing a trustee requires a formal legal process, and the Deed of Removal is an important part of that process.

The Deed of Removal sets out the reasons for the removal of the trustee, and it is signed by the remaining trustees and the settlor (if applicable). Once the Deed is executed, the removed trustee is no longer able to act in that capacity, and the trust continues to be administered by the remaining trustees.

It is important to have a Deed of Removal in place, as it helps to ensure that the trust remains compliant with legal requirements and that the rights and interests of the beneficiaries are protected. Furthermore, it provides a clear and formal record of the removal of the trustee, which can be important in the event of any future legal disputes.