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Declaration of Trust for Assets

Declaration of Trust for Assets

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About the Product

A Declaration of Trust for Assets is a legal document that outlines the ownership and distribution of assets between individuals. This type of agreement is commonly used in estate planning, particularly when it comes to asset ownership. A Declaration of Trust for Asset clarifies who owns the asset and in what proportion, as well as setting out what should happen to the asset in certain circumstances, such as the death of one of the owners.

The Declaration of Trust is typically used in situations where individuals purchase an asset together, but want to ensure that their individual contributions are recognised and protected. For example, if one individual contributes a larger sum of money towards the purchase of the asset, the Declaration of Trust can ensure that their share of the asset reflects their contribution.

In addition to ownership, a Declaration of Trust for Asset can also be used to govern the distribution of the assets, such as bank accounts, investments, and life insurance policies. This type of agreement can be useful in a variety of different estate planning scenarios, including when multiple individuals have a financial interest in an asset and want to ensure that their rights and interests are protected.