How to ensure your children's inheritance?

How to ensure your children's inheritance?

In the absence of proper 'Bloodline Planning', the inheritance of your share of a business by your spouse/partner and children may be compromised. Your children's or grandchildren's rightful inheritance could be jeopardised, risking the loss of some or all of their legacy.



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Ensuring Your Children's Inheritance

Planning for the inheritance of your children, grandchildren, and other relatives is a critical aspect of estate management. Commonly referred to as 'Bloodline Planning,' this process aims to safeguard your assets, ensuring they pass on to your intended beneficiaries rather than falling into unintended hands. By implementing strategic measures, you can protect your family's future and preserve your hard-earned wealth for generations to come.

The Risks of Traditional Inheritance Distribution

When assets are distributed directly to beneficiaries as lump sum payments, they become vulnerable to various risks. These risks include potential challenges from future divorce settlements, creditors, and taxation. Without proper planning, your children's inheritance could be jeopardised, leading to significant losses and disputes.

Considerations for Protecting Your Children's Inheritance

Several factors necessitate careful consideration when planning your children's inheritance:

  1. Potential Remarriage: If your surviving spouse remarries, there's a risk that their new Will may favour their new partner and their offspring, potentially diminishing your children's inheritance.
  2. Blended Families: For individuals with children from previous marriages, ensuring equitable distribution of assets among all children is paramount to prevent disputes and resentment.
  3. Minor Children or Special Needs: Providing for minor children or those with special needs requires tailored planning to ensure their financial security and well-being.
  4. Business Assets: If you own a family business, protecting its continuity and preserving its value for future generations is crucial.

By addressing these concerns proactively, you can mitigate risks and safeguard your family's financial legacy.

Strategies for Bloodline Planning

Asset Planning During Your Lifetime:

Gifts to Beneficiaries: Consider gifting assets to your children and grandchildren during your lifetime to minimise potential inheritance tax liabilities. However, instead of gifting assets outright, consider using Discretionary Trusts to protect them from future risks such as divorce or creditors.

Probate Trusts: Utilise a Probate Trust that allows you access to the assets while protecting them from care costs and other risks. This trust ensures that your assets are available to your loved ones after your passing while providing you with peace of mind during your lifetime.

Trusts for Bloodline Planning:

Discretionary Trusts: Establish Discretionary Trusts within your Will to protect your children's inheritance from divorce settlements, creditors, and other threats. These trusts provide flexibility and control over the distribution of assets, ensuring your wishes are upheld.

Tailored Planning: Work with legal and financial advisors to develop a customised plan that addresses your unique circumstances and objectives. Consider factors such as family dynamics, asset value, and potential risks to design a comprehensive bloodline planning strategy.


Protecting your children's inheritance requires proactive measures. By implementing bloodline planning strategies, you can safeguard your assets from potential threats and ensure a secure financial future for your loved ones.


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