Wealth Structuring

Your legacy is important to not only you, but also your family. Proper wealth structuring will protect your legacy, keeping it safe in times of troubles. This service will help you to understand your current financial situation and any future investments that you plan on making. It can also help you to maintain your privacy and protect you from creditors and predators.

Wealth structuring is about structuring your investment portfolio. It aims to help individuals and families grow and maintain their capital, even in rough economic times. This is a process of determining the proper asset allotment for you, your business and family. It aims to create greater wealth for you in future by making sure that you stay on track.

There is no single wealth structure available for you and your family. Wealth planning and trust solutions will depend on each situation that you face and your specific objectives. It is apparent, however, that in today’s international environment, there is a need for collaboration with a team of onshore and offshore wealth planning professionals. It is no longer enough to merely rely on the advice of a trusted family advisor, private banker or professional when it comes to deciding on your wealth planning options.

We focus on providing you with integrated advice that will both create and implement an overall strategy for you. Our range of wealth structuring solutions includes:

Helping you to think about the future and how you would like to pass on your personal and business assets

Advising on valuation, tax and succession issues

Developing an effective financial strategy to meet your individual needs

Creating and implementing a framework to achieve your financial and legacy planning goals

Assessing whether you have connections in more than one jurisdiction

We will work with onshore legal and tax professionals regarding your domestic tax situation, and work with offshore professionals to ensure the proper ongoing management and maintenance of the offshore structures.

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