Visa & Temporary Residency

The process of applying for a temporary residency can be complex, confusing and diverse. The degree of complexity depends on where you want to obtain a temporary residency, the types of temporary residency program that you are applying for, and the types of documentation that are required.

A temporary residency is when you plan to be in the country for a period of time. It applies to those who are not a citizen of a country, but are legally in that country for a temporary purpose. Unlike Permanent Residency, Temporary Residency has little to do with citizenship, as you cannot go from being a temporary resident to becoming a citizen without first going through another program. Please note that visas vary from country to country, so it is wise to seek professional help and obtain the correct visa before you travel.

First of all, you must decide where you wish to have a temporary residence in, as the process varies from country to country. You will then need to take into consideration:

The purpose of your stay

The processing time

How you will make your application

What supporting documents you will need

How long you are able to stay

What you can do while you are there

The tax consequences

Any family members that may accompany you

Cross-Border will help you through the whole process by keeping you up-to-date with all of the current information about the constantly changing and complex legal systems of 200 countries. Our services include:

Advising on the conditions and restrictions that are attached to visas

Structuring tax efficiency strategies

Gathering documents (both individual and corporate)

Managing visa applications

Submitting the change of status application (for example from Visitor Visa to Employment Visa)

Making visas applications for dependents, de facto spouses and children (as appropriate)

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