For many years, people took up second residences and citizenships to increase their freedom to travel. Now moving offshore is becoming an incredible way to protect wealth because it enables you to make substantial tax savings by rearranging your assets and, just as importantly, it protects you from being forced to give up your assets. Whatever reason you have for seeking to relocate, our Residence and Citizenship Planning service offers you the assistance you need.

At Cross-Border, we analyze each client’s situation carefully and address all of the relevant issues before developing a plan of action and making it happen. As part of our seamless service, we can also advise on tax, property acquisition and other aspects of relocating to a country of your choice.

There are essentials that one should consider before moving to another country. Every relocation case is different in their own right, but there are some things that are worth thinking about before making a decision. We provide a comprehensive and personalized pre-relocation planning, ensuring a smooth transition into the new country and helping minimize the total taxes to be paid by you prior to your move.

We will analyze your situation and select the right permit so that you can stay in the country of your choice. Whatever the reason for you seeking to stay, we will provide you with the support that you need to travel easily between countries.

Our specialists will help you to look at all the solutions that are available to maximize your wealth protection by not only advising you on the best options and programs that are currently available for acquiring alternative citizenship, but also by covering tax, citizenship law, international private law, real estate issues and more.

The right services and support can make a positive difference to your life. We analyse each client’s situation carefully, present the best available options, develop a plan of action and make it happen. We will also deal with government procedures quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

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