Clients who invest in offshore real estate face a number of typical challenges, including cross-border administration and communication, funding, property manager reporting, multiple third party relationships, local taxes, compliance and substance. Our Real Estate Solutions focus on tackling all of these challenges.

At Cross-Border, we provide an unsurpassed range of real estate advisory services, which are integrated with our financial and tax planning services for clients who wish to invest in offshore real estate.

Our team of specialists is fully equipped and highly experienced in providing consultancy on offshore real estate investment. We are up-to-date with the latest market practices, procedures and requirements, which are all necessary in successfully structuring and completing deals.

Our team of dedicated professionals can facilitate you in finding real estate in the prime jurisdictions worldwide. Our professionals are able to help you through the acquisition process with as little stress as possible.

The lending environment today creates the need to be creative in finding ways to structure debt and equity in order to allow deals to be viable and reach completion. Knowing how to work with foreign lenders can be difficult, but having the right knowledge and information of the lending and capital markets, regulatory changes and lending principles can benefit you greatly. When structuring transactions, we apply our experience and knowledge resources to meet the financial needs of our clients while mitigating potential risks.

Property value is vital for all investments but, if you are purchasing property overseas, it is especially important. Working with foreign selling agents can be difficult if you do not have the proper knowledge. Trained professionals are able to help you through this process and enable you to get the best property possible. Our group is skilled at evaluating the viability of the project from the beginning so time and financial commitments are utilized most efficiently.

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