Real Estate Acquisition

Purchasing offshore real estate is one of the greatest investments you can make, but finding adequate offshore real estate that is worth investing in can prove more difficult because it is a time consuming and complex task. This is because you will have to research and locate properties that meet your requirements, and there are many issues to consider before investing.

When purchasing real estate in the country of your choice, you will need to consider many different elements. Making an uninformed decision will be an unwise financial investment, which can cost you large sums of money. Issues you will need to consider include:

What taxes will you have to pay?

What other upfront costs will there be, as part of purchasing real estate?

Are there any other taxes that a foreign national needs to consider?

What tax-efficient structures are available?

Is your jurisdiction a party to many double tax treaties, which have other jurisdictions?

What is the succession regime?

A well-chosen property is likely to deliver greater return in the future, not only in the form of capital growth, but also rental returns. In order to maximize investment returns, you will need to consider whether the property is:

In the right stage of the property investment cycle

Close to certain amenities

In continuous demand by tenants, as well as future buyers

Appropriate for the average age of the residents in the area

Our close working relationships across our global network allow us to provide high quality, practical advice, which adds value to our clients’ transactions. Our real estate search services include:

Scouting the globe to help you to find the best property that meets your requirements

Advising on the tax and legal compliance requirements

Reviewing and advising on the terms and conditions of the agreements

Negotiating with the sellers on your behalf, regarding the purchase price and conditions of purchase

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