Real Estate Investment Planning

Many people choose to invest at one point or another, in the hope of bringing wealth to their lives. Real estate is a major investment and so is a big factor in your financial planning. Whilst there are many investment alternatives, such as stocks, bonds and cash, real estate investment is generally viewed as one of the best options.

Investing offshore greatly benefits many people — they find it financially helpful and a great experience. Here are a few reasons why people invest offshore:

Tax reduction – many countries offer tax incentives to foreign investors, where investors pay little or no tax at all, meaning this is an opportunity for you to store and grow wealth.

Asset protection – offshore havens are popular locations for restructuring the ownership of assets. Through a number of tax efficient structuring, your wealth ownership can be transferred to other legal entities, which can protect your assets from troubles.

Additional income – a rental investment in another country can generate an income stream that is independent of your home economy.

Diversification of investment – when investing in emerging markets, you can diversify your portfolio towards appreciating currencies.

There are many structures for accomplishing a successful investment in offshore market and no one size fits all solution exists for purchasing offshore real estate. Successful investments rely on creativity and flexibility to find the most appropriate structure that will fit each particular investment opportunity. With the right strategies, the investor can maximize the possibility that each investment will end in success.

Investing in offshore real estate requires specialist knowledge and expertise. Our Real Estate Team has a track record of completing successful offshore real estate investments. Our range of Real Estate Investment Planning includes:

Structuring offshore real estate investment strategies

Advisory services, including tax and legal planning

Acquiring finances for investments

Acquiring real estate assets

Due diligence

Managing and reporting on investments

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