Safeguarding your wealth is crucial in these difficult economic times and we, here at Cross-Border, can do just that. We are able to help to protect and grow your wealth by setting up financial plans and implementing tax-effective strategies using offshore structures.

We can tailor every service to your needs and desires, making sure that you have the best possible plan. You will work with an expert who understands the ins and outs of private wealth planning, and who can show you all of its advantages. Contact Cross-Border today to learn more about our private wealth planning services and how we can best protect your wealth.

Our firm handles both simple and complex wealth structuring. We work with you to navigate the required steps necessary to protect your wealth and determine the proper financial allotment for you, your business and family, while protecting your legacy.

This service aims to help you to keep your assets safe, no matter what the economic situation is in your home country, and will also help you to maintain your privacy. Our administration services bring an organized, efficient system that provides guidance and certainty to a difficult process.

We understand expat life and the unique challenges that you face when you are living or working abroad. Our experts will analyze your unique situation and work with you to tailor the best solutions to your individual needs. We will assist you to ensure that you have the flexibility and options to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

This service will assist you with all aspects your business needs. We can help you to transform your personal and business values into a forward-looking plan that will integrate your successor into the business, and help you with this transition, while also preserving lifetime income streams.

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