We offer a variety of services to government and regular businesses that address complex FDI-oriented issues.

The depth of what we do originates from a team of knowledgeable personnel who have global expertise in current foreign direct investment trends. Our strategies and consulting skills are the byproducts of many years of hands-on experience working with a diversity of geographical locations and business sectors.

We boast of offering services that are not generic and not tailored to be a “one-approach-for-all” methodology. As an independent company, we strive to create custom strategies that take into consideration a client’s overall business objectives and budget allowance.

To put it simply, Cross-Border is committed to offering our clients efficient services with reliable outcomes.

Tough competition for investment from the Far East and Eastern Europe means that a general approach to attracting investment no longer works. Nowadays success depends on a far more knowledgeable and highly targeted methodology. Some of the most advanced IPAs have turned to us for expert help. If you don’t have the resources or expertise in-house, we can step in and provide you with all the assistance required.

Location can be the greatest influence on a company’s success. Therefore, it is Cross-Border’s mission to ensure our clients have a thorough knowledge of the chosen location so their decision is both economical and beneficial to their business environment.

The ability of a company to expand globally is essential to the success of a lot of businesses, which means the more location options that are available, the more intensified the risks involved have become in securing these locations. The potential for personal bias during rushed decision-making makes it even more important for a business to rely on a consultant who is not subjective when it comes to getting tasks done in a short time period.

There is a strong competitive nature between districts to secure investments. It is Cross-Border’s job to ensure these governmental businesses connect with appropriate businesses for expansion in order to maximize the success of their geographical location.

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