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Cross-Border Worldwide is always one step ahead. We are one of the leading providers of FDI consultancy, helping Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) attract investment projects from abroad. Because we are specialists in this area, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you capitalize on the opportunities created by globalization, as well as overcoming its challenges.

As multilingual specialists in international business development, we can help you every step of the way, keeping your set up costs down, avoiding expensive mistakes. Our service is far-reaching: we can act as your local contact, help you overcome cultural differences and offer the entire specialist consultancy support you need to get your business up and running.

Once you are operational, we can take care of all the back-office issues to let you focus on growing the new venture. We can also provide valuable, ongoing, strategic and managerial input to help ensure your project is a success.

Companies of all sizes and sectors seek our assistance to accelerate their growth in a country where they have either no presence yet, or an unsatisfactory market share. We identify and evaluate investment opportunities, continually sizing up ventures.

Since we act as an accelerator of international expansion for our clients, we have developed a unique expertise in acquisition mandates. We regularly acquire businesses which then become the platform for expansion in foreign markets. We also help clients to dispose of businesses to international investors seeking entry in a foreign market.

Business is increasingly global in most sectors and for most sizes of enterprise. Companies see opportunities to access new markets by exploiting new channels for product distribution and customer communication, and are sometimes driven by necessity in search of sources of growth or cost reduction and access to resources. As market and company circumstances evolve, it may also become necessary to reposition the existing scope and structure of international activities.

A solid understanding of foreign markets, local competition and the operating environment can make all the difference to the success of business development abroad. Successful market entry also depends on selecting and designing in detail the optimal entry vehicle acquisition, partnership or establishing a greenfield operation.

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