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Our mission is to ensure our clients have a thorough knowledge of the chosen location so their decision is both economical and beneficial to their business environment.

We will assist you in discovering areas (either land or buildings) that are great potential business locations. We use criteria like former occupancy habits, ownership, permissible use, cost of site, transportation availability to site and buying/leasing procedures to examine the potential of a targeted site. Our examination includes securing needed documents and licenses/permits to orchestrate the buying/leasing process because this step in foreign direct investment is often considered to be one of the most difficult. Our support also eliminates potential conflicts and excessive spending while trying to secure a potential site.

There’s nothing worse than choosing a business location that doesn’t promote the success of your business. That’s why it’s important to have a systematic, fact-based approach to discovering a site that will benefit your business. Cross-Border has created a comprehensive strategy for assessing a potential location. Our criteria for making an informed decision is thoroughly developed using a systematic scoring process to assess the locations being considered. We incorporate current research data in our documentation in order to make an objective decision about the locations considered.

Even if you have already selected your new business location and site, Cross-Border can still help you with making sure your securing of the property is cost effective with minimal risks. Assistance in acquiring permits/licenses, networking with stakeholders, finding construction partners, acquiring government subsidies, and employee recruitment, etc. will be provided by Cross-Border to make your greenfield investment as cost efficient and practical as possible.

Even though there are a variety of government incentives that can be utilized by businesses throughout the world, that still doesn’t mean your business will be able to benefit from them. This is where Cross-Border comes in: we help negotiate the securing of government incentives. Once we have negotiated with the government for incentives that pertain to your business, our job is to document the requirements needed to obtain the funding and discuss the penalties imposed if the company ever falls short of meeting required obligations. When you secure the location, it is our task to aid your business in the application process to secure the negotiated funds and incentive.

When it takes more to close an existing business than it did to open it, Cross-Border is instrumental in evaluating all the criteria associated with closing the business. We will assess the procedures available for closing your facility and determine what risks and expenses can be anticipated from this event. Cross-Border will assist in handling any negotiations needed with the government concerning any repayment of funding or other options for your business and current personnel. Also, we will help sell or lease your property if needed.

Increased international mobility has increased business competition to secure investment. It is common practice now for most countries, states/regions or major cities to have their own investment promotion agencies who market their projects and attract FDI.

As most investment promotion agencies focus on making comparisons between related business industries, it makes it more complicated to distinguish your business as better than the competition. Further, governmental requirements compound the conflict by insisting businesses operate with maximum efficiency with less funding.

Cross-Border can have your organization operating at peak performance in investor targeting and attraction, location promotion and marketing, and business maintenance and follow-up care.

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