Fast-Track Permanent Residency

You may be someone who would like to be a resident of a different country, and yet wants to continue to physically live in your current country. Many countries grant permanent residency without the need for you to reside there. This can be a backup plan just in case your current country has a decline in its political or economic conditions. Once you have a residency in another country, you can just hop on a plane and fly over to your other home at any time.

Aquiring permanent residence offers you the opportunity to enjoy a number of associated benefits and rights. The most important factor, however, is whether you (and your family, if applicable) enjoy spending time in the country of your choice. There are numerous other considerations, such as:

The ability to work or start a business

Property Rights

Taxation benefits

Availability of citizenship and a passport

In most cases, you can qualify for permanent residence by donating a certain amount of money, making an investment or demonstrating a minimum guaranteed income. Some countries have a point-based system and others have multiple programs for you to consider. Generally, if you qualify for legal residence in another country, your spouse and children will qualify as well.

Cross-Border is here to help you to obtain a permanent residency with as little hassle as possible, and without detriment to your finances. Our services include:

Advising on a suitable type of permanent residency program

Drafting a business/investment plan

Administering the relevant documentation

Managing the initial application and renewal process

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