Fast-Track Citizenship

If you want to protect your wealth and expand investments, you should consider a second citizenship (also referred to as dual citizenship or multiple citizenship). Having only one citizenship can leave you open to constraints on your movements. The good news is that second citizenship is available to everyone, not just diplomats.

Qualifying for a secondary citizenship or passport relies on a couple of key aspects. You can qualify for a second passport or be granted citizenship because of your ancestry, who you are married to, what your religion is or if you have a long-term residence there. You may even find a country that offers “instant” citizenship if you invest or contribute to the country. There are many different ways to qualify and different countries have different requirements. Asking for professional help will ensure that you meet the country specific qualifications.

When you seek a second citizenship, you will experience excellent benefits that you do not have with only one citizenship. These include:

Tax advantages

The right to vote in the country

Availability to programs, such as education or health care

A second passport that provides freedom to travel

While there are many pros in gaining a second citizenship, you may also experience some drawbacks. These are:

Your second citizenship may not be recognized in your home country

Your second country’s laws will apply because you are no longer a traveler

You may be required to register for the military

We view citizenship matters holistically, connecting with the firm’s tax group, and offer our clients with a full spectrum of fast-track citizenship services, including:

Advising on strategic planning and compliance

Advising on a suitable type of investment

Drafting a business/investment plan

Administering the relevant documentation

Managing the application process

Managing the migration of assets

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