Asset Protection and Administration

We all engage in some form of asset protection, whether it is insuring our homes or cars, installing a home-security system, depositing money in the bank, or preparing a Will to specify the disposition of our property when we die. Protection can sometimes be mandated by law or be optional, but we choose to protect because we know there is a threat.

Asset protection is a strategy that enables you to safeguard your property, whether it is personal, real estate, securities or money from claims by others. This strategy includes setting up a trust, foundation, family limited partnership, corporate structure or a combination of all of these. It applies a set of legal techniques and structures to insulate assets from the claims of creditors and predators without concealment or tax evasion.

Selecting the proper jurisdiction for your asset protection strategies is a matter of critical importance. You should consider the following factors when selecting a jurisdiction for an offshore protection plan:

Regulatory regime – the laws of that country must make it impracticable for creditors to reach those assets.

Service provider – the service providers should be experienced in the establishment and ongoing operation of the asset protection.

Language – there should not be estate, gift and income taxes (or if there is, at a low level).

Strict bank secrecy laws – the jurisdiction must prohibit any disclosure of customer information by local service providers and financial institutions.

Our asset protection plans are based upon the unique circumstances that are involved, as well as the privacy and protection objectives of each individual client. We will help you to:

Find the best jurisdiction for your assets

Explore the advantage of favorable legislative regimes in various jurisdictions

Set up structures limiting personal liability by

Provide management and administration services to the structures

Assist with the migration of assets

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