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Cross-Border offers all levels of professionals the opportunity to join our highly rewarding Partners Program. This program is targeted at professional services providers from across the globe. Our partners program is extremely profitable for all eligible business professionals.

We provides a wide range of corporate services to partners globally. Our services are designed to ensure partners receive tailored solutions to meet their precise needs. We are dedicated to providing quality services to partners and offer an all encompassing service as one-stop shop packages to meet the varying demands of the partner market.

We offer two different types of Partners Program:

These are professionals include Attorneys, Accountants, Tax Consultants, Stock Brokers, Investment Advisors, Bankers, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Offshore Incorporators, or other related professionals that refer their clients, friends, or business associates to Cross-Border.

The referral agent makes the introduction to our firm, and if the client purchases any of our services or products, we reward the referral agent with a generous commission and/or volume discounts of our fees.

To become a Referral Agent please complete our Partners Application Form.

These are professionals who are in the business of selling asset protection or offshore services, and they wish to re-sell the services of Cross-Border. These professionals are such as law firms, consultants, stock brokers, banks, insurance agents, offshore incorporators, and other professionals that sell corporations, foundations, account introductions, immigration services, real estate processing services, and other related asset protection or offshore financial services. These re-sellers usually purchase certain quantities of entities (corporations, trusts or foundations) or packaged structures or services from our firm, at wholesale prices, and then re-sell these structures to their clients, earning their profit margin in the mark-up, usually with value-added services such as special consulting services. If you wish to become a re-seller, we can offer you the most competitive wholesale prices in the market today. Our wholesale prices vary depending on the quantity of structures, as well as the corporate documentation required with each entity or structure.

To become a Reseller Agent please complete our Partners Application Form.

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