Long-Term Care Services: How We Can Help?

If you fail to act now: Don’t wait until it’s too late. The process of putting a loved one in permanent care can be a stressful time, raising concerns about the quality of care, the duration of care, and how it will be funded. We understand that funding long-term care can be challenging, so we offer a range of professional services to help guide you through the process. Our services include: Reviewing the Financial Assessment Form Communicating with the Local Authority Examining Care Home Contracts Assisting with Claims for Continuing NHS Healthcare Funding

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Reviewing the Financial Assessment Form

The Local Authority may require a Financial Assessment after the care needs of the individual have been evaluated. This starts with a Financial Assessment Form and requires details about the person’s income and assets. We can review this form on behalf of the individual and assist the family to ensure no incorrect information is provided. We recommend families request the form from the Local Authority and complete it with our help.

Examining Care Home Contracts

Care Home Contracts can contain unfair terms and can be one of the most expensive contracts signed by those entering care or their representatives. We can review contracts before they are signed to protect the family from costly mistakes and save them from unfair fees.

Assisting with Claims for Continuing NHS Healthcare Funding

If the family believes the person in care may be eligible for Continuing NHS Healthcare Funding, we can help them obtain it or challenge an unfavorable decision.

Communicating with the Local Authority

If funding has been denied by the Local Authority after submitting the Financial Assessment, we can act on behalf of the family and challenge the decision. We can correspond with the Local Authority and clarify the legal position to challenge any incorrect assumptions made during the initial Financial Assessment.

Our approach

We have extensive experience in long-term care funding cases, including those involving trusts of various types, settled or benefitted from. Our specialists apply the law in a practical manner to act in the best interest of our clients.


We strive to manage clients’ expectations realistically and honestly, but it’s important to remember that care cases can be lengthy, taking months or even years to resolve due to a lack of resources from Local Authorities. However, we offer a friendly and efficient service throughout the process and understand how difficult it can be for everyone involved.

When to Contact Us

It’s best to involve us from the start of the process so that we can provide the correct information to the Local Authority. Once a Care Needs Assessment has been completed and Long-Term Care is needed, let us know and provide us with all relevant documents and correspondence with the Local Authority. The PPPT with Insurance includes £500 of funding for this type of challenge.


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