Israel: Representation of Haredi and New Immigrants in Public Service and on Boards of Directors of Government Companies

(Dec. 21, 2016) On December 12, 2016, the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) passed the Law for Proper Representation of Members of the Haredi Population and of New Immigrants in Public Service (Amendments), 5777-2016.  (Proper Representation Law, Knesset website (scroll down to issue no. 634) (in Hebrew).)

The Proper Representation Law amends the State Service (Appointments) Law, 5719-1959 (SEFER HAHUKIM 5719 [Book of Laws, the official gazette, SH] No. 279 p. 86, as amended), and the Government Companies Law, 5735-1975 (SH 5735 No. 770 p. 132) by requiring the state to give “proper representation” to Haredi and to new immigrants.  The new Law defines Haredi as any persons who themselves or their spouse or child studies or has studied in Jewish ultra-orthodox educational institutions.  New immigrants are those who immigrated to Israel as adults and are within 12 years of their arrival in the country.  (Id. § 1, amending State Service (Appointments) Law, § 15A.) The status refers to persons who immigrated under the Law of Return, 5710-1950, which applies to Jews and members of their families.  (Law of Return, 5710-1950, SH 5710 No. 51 p. 159.)

The new Law thus adds Haredi and new immigrants to the categories of persons whose representation in the public sector is already encouraged, namely, persons with disabilities; members of the Arab community, including the Druze and Circassians; and persons born in or children of those born in Ethiopia.  (State Service (Appointments) Law, §15A(a).)

The Law applies similar requirements for representation of the two new categories of persons on boards of directors of government companies, introducing in the Government Companies Law the same criteria for fair representation of certain categories of persons required under the State Service (Appointments) Law.  (Law § 2, adding § 18A2 to the Government Companies Law.)

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