Free Care Home Fee Asessment

We take pride in offering a FREE care fee assessment as part of our professional Executor services of charge.

• The average compensation claim amount is approximately £32,000.
• Our services are offered with a “no win, no fee” guarantee.

Please be advised that this offer is limited to individuals who pass away while in a care home.

care fee asessment

Did Mr GODDEN pass away in care?

As you have stated that Mr GODDEN passed away in care, as part of our probate process we
will gather some further information on the care details and provide Reat.Life care with this
data in order for them to complete a full care assessment.

Does the Point of Contact know the whereabouts of the original last Will?

Are there any contentious issues that we need to be aware of?

As the Will was not drafted by Cross-Border, please now proceed to email the Probate Teama
pdf copy.

Click the button below to send the estate information to our Probate Team, as part of this process
the client will be moved out of your client bank.

You will be notified via email that your quote s ready, within 48 hours.