1.     Our Services

Cross-Border offers a wide range of both business and transactional services to firms, investors, universities and financial institutions all over the country. Our experts give both strategic representation and counsel in various different areas of practice. Cross-Border’s clients include firms of every size, ranging from startups at an early stage to entrepreneurs and a number of Fortune 100 companies who work in a broad range of different industries.

Leading Experts

Cross-Border practitioners are very accomplished professionals that have graduated from leading law schools right across the country. A lot of them have worked at AmLaw 100 firms and have previously held senior counsel positions in-house. It is our extensive experience and background that puts us in the best position to tackle challenging, high stakes and complicated legal matters for clients.

Solutions That Are Client-Focused

We know our clients and make a big effort to understand their businesses and the very different industries they can operate in by taking our time to do this. Our lawyers know about the complicated legal issues that firms, investors, universities, financial institutions, and many other institutions can face during their business cycle. We find legal solutions that are tailored to our clients by closely collaborating with them. These overcome obstacles and enable the businesses of our clients to develop and grow.

Quality Attention at a Senior Level

Cross-Border has a commitment to providing superior legal representation in each and every legal matter we work on. Our practitioners have, on average, more than two decades of experience and Cross-Border do not have junior practitioners. This means that our clients can be reassured about receiving a quality service.

Value-Driven, Flexible Approach

At Cross-Border our approach to the practice of law is different. We are able to leverage the best technology to provide a better and more efficient client experience. Both our low overheads and cost-effective systems mean we can offer better pricing and fee structures which work well for clients. Legal problems can often be expensive and cause unwanted disruption, so we are determined to give our clients the kind of resources and support they require to achieve their business aims and objectives.

2.      Tax

Providing Tax Counsel You Can Trust

All over the world, governments are putting various policies into action which require more financial transparency and attempt to generate more tax revenues from the coffers of corporate taxpayers. Finding your way around this changing global tax environment requires a combination of bench strength, experience and an in-depth understanding of what kind of impact this will have on investors and multinational companies.

Our International Tax Practice serves a diverse client base, ranging from listed multinational groups through to investment funds and high-net-worth individuals. Over the years, we have worked throughout Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Europe on transactions and other matters involving some of the most challenging tax issues.

Our tax practitioners are on hand to help you plan a tailored and tax-efficient approach to every aspect of your business and personal life. Unlike most accounting firms, we have the ability to collaborate across borders as we have over 100 tax practitioners, including lawyers, advisers and economists, in over 40 nations, who have the expertise to stay abreast of the ever-evolving tax laws and practices, as well as the latest dispute resolution techniques. In fact, our unrivalled global coverage means we can help our clients to design their tax strategies and implement and defend them for their transactions and operations, wherever they operate.

3.          International Trade

Even though it is clear the global market is becoming increasingly open to trade, different local laws and various cultural and business practices often make it a major challenge to create, distribute and then sell goods and services in a number of markets. Companies are limited in how they can do business by international trade sanctions, exchange controls, customs laws, and the requirements of foreign investment.

We have international Commercial & Trade lawyers who are able to help our clients to succeed in both the developed and the emerging markets of the world. We also provide advice to leading financial services, as well as industrial, energy, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and technology companies about issues, such as manufacturing, sourcing, distributing and then selling both services and products across the globe. In addition, we help clients to choose, monitor and then manage the relationships they have with manufacturers and third-party suppliers, sales agents and distributors, as well as in their own supply chains.

As we are well-versed in regulatory and commercial law, as well as WTO, we are able to advise firms on a wide range of compliance issues. These include anti-bribery, anti-corruption, trade sanctions, controls on exports and imports, along with product liability, the requirements for product labeling, commercial contracts, sales promotion, as well as recalls and marketing rules across a number of nations. In fact, no matter what the issue is, we will focus on making even the most complicated trade requirements simple, so that our clients are able to focus on developing their own businesses.

4.          Commercial Agreements

Cross-Border’s Commercial Contracts practice is able to cover the full range of commercial and business law issues by combining legal knowledge with deep sector experience and a can-do approach. In fact, our global presence and extensive experience of managing many different kinds of cross-border commercial deals means we have the expertise that sets us apart when it comes to multi-jurisdictional transactions.

Companies have to deal with many different contracts and relationships on a daily basis, which bind them to suppliers, customers, distributors, licensors, and many other types of strategic partners. We can help to structure all of these relationships through our global Commercial Contracts practice, who will guide you through all the complexities and ensure that your contracts provide you with the framework that you require for success.

Al well as our global Technology Transactions and Strategic Sourcing practice, we have a global Commercial Contracts practice which gives advice to some of the biggest companies in the world on all kinds of important commercial transactions, both national and international, including sales, e-commerce, agency and distribution, logistics, manufacturing, collaborations and joint ventures, as well as university spinouts and licensing arrangements. We represent a number of the most successful businesses around the world, from many different sectors of industry, including manufacturing, retail, energy, life sciences, hospitality and leisure, automotive, technology, government contracting and financial services.

We have a team of experienced sector-focused lawyers in every major commercial center across the globe, who have in-depth knowledge about local rules, customs and business practices, and are able to call on our global firm’s resources. What is more, they all share our client service ethic.

5.         Corporate

Cross-Border’s global corporate lawyers support the development and investment activities of leading enterprises around the world, as well as financial institutions and emerging startup companies.

We help clients through every stage of their transactions, from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and venture capital to private and public equity and debt offerings, in order to ensure their deal outcomes are successful.

Being a global business law firm that provides a full-service, we provide our clients with business legal services in every jurisdiction they operate in.

This includes both local knowledge and global insight that enables us to deal with every aspect of complicated corporate transactions, both domestic and cross-border. In fact, it is critical to our success that we are able to understand both the industry and our client’s day-to-day issues.

As a result, our corporate lawyers have an industry-specific focus, whether that is Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy, Hospitality and Leisure, Life sciences, Insurance, Technology, and many other sectors.

As well as corporate lawyers who have primary transactional responsibility, you will find that our deal teams contain sophisticated practitioners who have experience in essential practice areas, like Intellectual Property, Corporate Governance, Compensation, Technology, Tax, Antitrust, Regulation, Financial Services, Pensions, Employment, Real Estate and Securities Compliance.

6.          Intellectual Property

Cross-Border is a leading provider of a wide range of commercial, privacy, intellectual property law, technology law, sourcing and other services for businesses throughout the world.

Our lawyers can help clients, who range from emerging technology and pharmaceutical companies to established banks and financial institutions, to achieve their objectives wherever they do business by providing litigation-related (contentious) and strategic commercial advice.

Our IPT practice has almost 200 dedicated lawyers in over 20 nations, with a specific strength in major global markets. One of the most critical areas is Intellectual Property and Technology Law. This is at the very core of all major transactions or strategic disputes in business, and as firms expand and need to protect their brands, technologies, data, products, and services all over the world, it has become a critical area.

Both industry members and legal directories recognize us as a leading group that seamlessly combines our multi-jurisdictional reach with unrivalled experience and local knowledge.

7.          Immigration

Our highly effective immigration team can help you, wherever you want to work, live or employ people in the world.

The fact that we are a global firm which has an international client base, gives us valuable experience in successfully managing the immigration needs of the employers who are hiring foreign talent, as well as people who wish to relocate, families that want to reunite, and individuals who wish to establish either residence or citizenship in a different jurisdiction to reduce their tax exposure.

The extensive experience of our multilingual team means they have played an important role in shaping the immigration law in their own respective nations. The team has advised clients for over two decades and works with the Government closely to ensure that clients receive advice at the highest level.

It makes no difference whether you are an individual or a business, we will listen to all your concerns and needs carefully, and provide advice on the most efficient ways of achieving your goals and objectives.

8.          Estate Planning

Who exactly inherits what, what has been promised and what is fair? These three questions are difficult to answer. However, we have leading trusts and succession lawyers that can help when there are disputes

In the litigious society of today, people are increasingly worried about the risk of lawsuits. Therefore, asset protection planning is now a vital part of estate planning for some clients. For example, people working in high-risk professions, such as corporate officers, actors, athletes, lawyers and physicians, as well as those concerned about potential lawsuits and claims that could result from a divorce or ex-employees, an accident or the increasing costs of healthcare, come to Cross-Border for the best advice about how they can protect their important assets. It is expected that a great deal of money will be transferred from the older to younger generations soon, so many clients are not only concerned about protecting their assets, but are also interested in estate planning.

Our Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation team at Cross-Border will give you advice on the best was to protect your property from any future claims and tell you how you can minimize your exposure to possible lawsuits and any adverse judgments. Our team will be here to give you the best service, from your initial consultation, right through to implementing your asset protection plans.

9.          Asset Protection

Cross-Border has been proud to represent many successful individuals, as well as families, for over a hundred years.

We are, in fact, the only global law firm that is dedicated to both the personal and the private capital needs of high-net-worth families and individuals.

The interests of many of our clients are just domestic, while others are international families that have interests in various different locations. The need for some integrated advice which can reach across borders is greater than ever, as we live in a fast-paced world that is increasingly compliance-focused. Thanks to our wide reach, we have offices right across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. This means we can give you the kind of coverage our competitors cannot match. We always work hard to ensure that we are located in places where clients work, live and invest.

So, whether you need our advice on family and business governance, tax and estate planning, legal and tax structuring for your business and investments, or help with someone who is vulnerable in the family, we can provide you with tailored solutions that will meet your own particular needs.

10.          Arbitration

It is clear that cross-border disputes are becoming increasingly significant in the world of international business and the preferred way of resolving these disputes has become international arbitration, which offers a number of benefits compared to national court-based litigation, including confidentiality, more flexibility, and the prospect of enforcement. So getting the right advice about using the best international arbitration agreements in your commercial deals could pay dividends, as it allows you to negotiate and then settle any disputes from an extremely strong position. It is frequently not a straightforward process to make the right choices in an arbitration agreement, given the many options that are available in terms of the arbitral institutions, governing law and seat. Thus, it can be critical to receive tailored advice from the finest international arbitration lawyers who have the necessary experience, and will be able to help you with everything from contract drafting to resolving the dispute.

International arbitration provides the flexibility that is needed for increased levels of confidentiality and neutrality in both procedures and the rules of evidence.

The lawyers in our leading international arbitration practice are based in locations around the globe. Many of them are leaders in this field and so serve on institutions which administer international arbitration around the world, including the ICC International Court of Arbitration, the Singapore International Arbitration Association, the London Court of International Arbitration, and the American Arbitration Association.

11.         Real estate

Cross-Border’s Real Estate team provides a wide range of services in many areas, such as financing, commercial real estate, land use, construction law, planning and development, leasing, environmental law, insurance and tax, and acquisitions and disposals.

They have extensive experience of working on long-term complicated projects, which involve the drafting of documents, the facilitation of negotiations, navigating regulatory and legal issues and litigating on our client’s behalf, when necessary.

Our global team, which consists of five hundred real estate lawyers, helps clients during the whole life cycle of the investments, everywhere in the world.

Real estate has become a long-term investment that is attractive for investors who wish to have stable yields and diversification in an economy that is currently uncertain. Furthermore, the needs of many multinational corporations and traditional estate companies transcend borders as a result of the emerging global real estate industry.

12.          Private Equity and Venture Capital

We have lawyers across America and the world who focus on both private equity and venture capital. Cross-Border is positioned strategically to provide support for venture capital, emerging growth companies and other institutional investors wherever they choose to do business.

The target in the world of private equity and venture capital is to minimize risk and maximize your returns. Ron Rucker is the leader of our venture capital and private equity practice team. He works closely with all our private investor and venture capital clients in order to understand their goals and investment strategies.

These important relationships enable us to assist clients in every aspect of their financing transactions, such as transaction structure and preparation, and the negotiation of definitive investment agreements.

We also help many private investment and venture capital clients with the transfer of any equity interests by investors and secondary sales of portfolio company investments. Our practitioners have the knowledge and experience to help ensure that our clients make the most out of their investments.

We are ranked among the top firms for Capital Markets by Chambers Global and IFLR 1000 in local jurisdictions around the world. Legal 500 consistently ranks us among the top tiers for debt and equity capital markets advisement and Law360 named us one of the top three “Mightiest Securities Practices” in 2015.

We are also highly ranked in Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters equity and debt league tables, including:

  • No. 5 for global cross-border IPOs by deal volume 2015 (advising issuer)
  • No. 1 in EMEA for cross-border IPOs by deal volume 2015 (advising issuer)
  • No. 7 in APAC for cross-border IPOs by deal volume 2015 (acting as international legal advisors to managers)
  • No. 1 in EMEA for equity IPO by deal volume Q1 2016 (advising issuers and managers)

As a top-ranked Capital Markets Practices in local jurisdictions around the world, some of our notable deals include:

Advising Middle Eastern snack food company Edita Food Industries on its E£2 billion (US$263 million) cross-border IPO on the London Stock Exchange and initial public offering on the Egyptian Exchange.

Assisting German aluminium wheel manufacturer Uniwheels with its initial public offering on the Warsaw Stock Exchange – the largest IPO on that exchange in 2015.

Advising Videocon d2h, the satellite television arm of India’s Videocon Group, on its listing of US$325-million worth of American depositary receipts on Nasdaq — the largest Indian IPO in the US since 2007.

Assisting Swedish mobile gaming company LeoVegas with its initial public offering on Nasdaq, a transaction that involved a Swedish offering and placement of shares to US investors.

Representing MileSouth Apartment Portfolio, the first US real estate investment company to create a Canadian REIT to list its US assets on the Toronto Stock Exchange — one of the most successful cross-border REIT offerings in recent years.

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